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The HBIC Ms Marley is at it again!!!

Ms Marley H.B.I.C. of What?

Excuse me MORON!  Did you order a MAN or a WOMAN?  

It’s ridiculous to me that a man who has a mother, 3 sisters, cousins, girlfriends, a wife, a daughter, plenty of bitches, all types, and, slept with thousands of women across the globe has zero understanding about helping a woman.  Let alone what it means to be a husband, father, partner in life, boyfriend, roommate or significant other!  This isn’t rocket science for sure, this simple VAG-Management, Maintenance, Service & Repair, nothing more, nothing less.  I know plenty of men who struggle in countless areas of their life but, when it comes to women they totally get it!  When it comes to their little girls, they get it!  When it comes to some random broad, they get it!  But, this one, Captain Moron, he doesn’t struggle in a single area of his life.  He can totally walk and chew gum! …

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What’s Happening This Week!

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A little bit of this & a little bit of that!


5:00 pm to 10:00 pm Hollywood Blvd from 19th to 20th at Participating Bars & Locations:

Big Easy Bar & Grill Ladies Drink Free 7-12, Happy Hour All Night & $0.30 Wings w/Motorcycle Key All Night

Mickey Bryne Irish Pub $3 Jameson Shots & $7 HUGE Philly Cheese Steak

Whiskey Tango – Happy Hour & Trivia

Octopus Bar – Bucket Specials

Thursday – Food Truck Invasion Cruise & Bike Night @Seminole Hard Rock 5:30 to 10:30

Sunday – Pink Tatas Poker Run to benefit Broward Health Lisa Boccard Breast Cancer Fund

“Road Less Traveled”

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There are a myriad of motorcycle events across the country, rallies, rides, runs, you name it! No matter your skill level you are sure to find something within your comfort level in terms of distance. Any given weekend there are multiple reasons to get out and ride; 50 miles here, 90 miles there or 23 miles that way. Easy, simple, exactly the way most of us like it. Invariably within your comfort level and certainly within your weekends reach, those are the rides we all love. Then, there are the other types of rides. Like the ones that cross 48 states, thousands of miles and challenge the rider to the very core of their existence. There are not many people I know crazy enough to set off for a 7,000 mile endurance competition but, they do exist.

We first heard about Shaun VanBeber after he placed second in the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge this past year. It wasn’t until our paths crossed at Peterson’s Harley-Davidson that we realized that this man is on a mission. Here is his story……



A South Floridian, born in Miami, Shaun’s love affair with motorcycles began when he was a little boy. Over the past 35 years he has enjoyed riding both personally and professionally. Although his passion for riding was explosive, it was not his first love. Football was. VanBeber was a member of the Northeastern Oklahoma A & M Norseman Football Team as well as, the 1989 and 1991 National Champion Miami Hurricanes. His promising career ripped from his grasp after a severe knee injury crushed his dreams of playing professionally. Post trauma, his love of the game led him to the coaching arena for both high school and semi-professional capacities in Miami and Italy.

Shaun is not only an avid motorcycle enthusiast, but a trained police motorcycle instructor. As a Certified Police Officer, he has competed in police motorcycle skill competitions, always finishing top of his class. Currently, he spends his professional career promoting traffic and motorcycle safety through educational and law enforcement programs with the Florida Public Safety Institute and Florida Law Enforcement Liaison Program. He is working to expand motorcycle safety programs to the riding public in the state of Florida.

A competitor in every sense of the meaning, Shaun’s commitment, drive and dedication to the objective are admirable. Before embarking on the 14,000 mile cross-country motorcycle endurance ride Hoka Hey last year, he spent his time honoring his endurance riding skills logging more than 20,000 miles in various terrain and weather conditions. This year his goals are lofty as he is registered in not one but two endurance rides. First, the American Motorcycle Rally June 13-23rd that will start and end in Columbus, Ohio covering 7,000 miles of American landscape. Then he will make his was to the 3rd Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge August 5th in Las Vegas, NV traveling through some of the most scenic roads in the lower 48 Unites States less than 6,000 miles before ending in New York, NY.

VanBeber has an exceptional support team starting with Peterson’s Harley-Davidson of Miami and Master Harley Mechanic Mike Cloudas who has been exclusively servicing Shaun’s 2009 Harley-Davidson Police motorcycle for the past two years. Peterson’s has exceptional mechanics with extensive knowledge and experience. Mike was the chief mechanic for a motorcycle road course club racing team sponsored by Peterson’s Harley-Davidson.

Shaun is engaged to Angela Bauldree who has two beautiful young girls, Jessica and Kristen. His mother, Justine Davis taught him how to ride his first motorcycle. His Mom, Step-Father Tom Davis and close friends are all very supportive of his endeavors.

Shaun publishes a monthly newsletter called


“Road Less Traveled” so that you can track his training and progress. He is currently seeking sponsorship funds to cover the $10,000 in expenses. That include $5,000 Fuel, $2,000 Entry Fees, $1,000 Freight, $500 Lodging & $1,000 Food. Shaun VanBeber, sflelvanbeber@gmail. com, 954-826-2359 Shows off The Most Innovative New Promotional Product of the Year at the Bikes & Beauties Magazine Anniversary Party Bash

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Bikes & Beauties Magazine


Christy Vittitow

Ph: 954-789-6986

Email: Shows off The Most Innovative New Promotional Product of the Year at the Bikes & Beauties Magazine Anniversary Party Bash

Miami, Florida February 23, 2012 A stones throw of the Everglades on a balmy tropical night, Bikes & Beauties Magazine  is calling the AdLamp the most remarkable Promotional Product of the Year and its overwhelming success at their Anniversary Party Extravaganza at Cafe 27 Tiki Bar & Truck Stop was proof of the pudding for Florida’s Largest Motorcycle Lifestyle and Entertainment Magazine.

 The AdLamp ( a four-sided, internally illuminated, portable lamp device that back lights the ads/photos by battery power LED light) wowed the promoters, sponsors and customers involved with event using combination of dazzling marketing power and cuddly cuteness . Tying together the Host’s  intended  message like a chain does the engine to a sprocket, the AdLamp twinkled in similarity to the Orion Galaxy to deliver eye-popping back lit advertising and restaurant specials to produce a record number in sales for a night.

Says, Editor in Chief Christy Vittitow of Bikes & Beauties Magazine “the message we intended to achieve came across loud and clear not only to the fans of the magazine but to our sponsors and future advertisers we were trying to impress, this is truly the most clever portable promotional device I have ever seen”.

The customers touched them and the beautiful bikini models of  Bikes & Beauties Magazine took them home with their sizzling photos in brilliant color glowing to perfect backlight.

Sponsors Twisted Tea, Peterson’s Harley Davidson  and Poco Loco to name a few, where not only in awe of the magnitude and size of the crowd the magazine brought in on a Thursday Night but, the way the AdLamps drew the attention of the party goers like a Bulldog Puppy would. Bottom line for the event was not only an entertainment bizarre of dancing, music, and excess of fun but, it also proved to be a marketing bonanza for the owners of and the promoters and sponsors alike. Bikes & Beauties Magazine is calling the adlamp the most innovative  promotional device since the smart phone. The very inexpensive price of the AdLamp basically makes them a disposable product. We actually let the admirers take them home for souvenirs. They will definably be a centerpiece at all of our future events.

For more info and photos:

Full Description

We exclusively produce a new product call the “Ad Lamp” (patent pending). It is a four-sided, internally illuminated, portable lamp device that back lights the ads/photos by battery power LED light, generating no discernible heat output. The image size is 4×6 on all four sides, which is the same size as a standard table tent in most restaurants. The photos are easy to change by removing the snap-on top and sliding the images in between the acrylic sheets. All four sides are made of lightweight plastic which snap together to form the frame (a total of just 6 pieces including the light). The Ad Lamp is a great way to show your personal photos at home or at special events such as wedding and birthday parties. All eyes are drawn to the Ad Lamp when entering a room. Battery power is provided by three AAA batteries and will give an average of 100 hours of illumination.

 Full Description

Florida’s premier motorcycle lifestyle publication all the hottest of events and beautiful women from Miami to Orlando and Daytona

For generations motorcyclists have been riding in the name of charity, brotherhood, celebration and fellowship.  With every successful run, we do our best to reach for greatness and succeed in erasing the stigma created decades ago.  All motorcycle enthusiasts share an undying love  of the great open road with its refreshing views and dynamic vistas.  We believe in maintaining a sense of community, we support each other and rally together in the name of charity.

Bikes & beauties magazine is committed to promoting the motorcycle way of life. We recognize the vast occupational diversities the lifestyle includes and are committed to providing coverage of the lifestyle of biking.  Bikes & beauties magazine believes that no matter the man, the club or the group of riders, we all share one common denominator, the eternal love of that magnificent roaring thunder with two wheels on the road.

Bikes & beauties magazine strives to portray the beauty that is the motorcycle enthusiast, the weekend warrior, the 1%er and the great American biker lifestyle.  We believe in the importance of maintaining a sense of community through being a group sharing common interests.  Bikes & beauties magazine showcases Florida’s finest females, fiercest rides, friendly environments and all around good times.  We support our community and believe now is the time to come together, to start fresh, create something new, provide hope or ease a burden. No matter the reason bikes & beauties magazine believes that together anything is possible.

Contact Information

201 N 46 Ave

Hollywood  Fl 33021

Ph: 954-851-6015

Fx: 954-212-2609


Bikes & Beauties Magazine

1940 Harrison St Suite 303-304

Hollywood Fl 33020

Ph: 954-789-6986




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OK I know, I wrote about “Customizing” last month, but the H.B.I.C said she wanted to continue that theme, and you know the old saying, what the H.B.I.C wants, she gets (besides, she signs my checks every month).
So last month we looked at a stock bike that we built for a really big guy, he is 300 lbs. and about 6’ 2”. He needs lots of stretching space, and this gentleman loves power! So that was the brief, fast and big enough to stretch out on.
At the opposite end of the spectrum, we had a customer
who required the exact opposite. He owns a CVO Road Glide and he (like me) is built low to the ground. Initially we lowered the bike front and rear, but the gentleman was still on the balls of his feet which can be a problem, and he was leaving on a long trip to the northeast. So we tailored the bike to his needs by installing a “drop seat” kit that brought the seat height down another
3”. Now he is flat footed on the ground and has renewed his love affair with the bike!
So, where do we start for you? Let’s get you up on the bike and see how you fit. How are the handlebars? Are you sitting upright? Do you have a slight bend in your elbows? If you answered no to any of these questions, we may be on our way to different handlebars in order to get you in a comfortable position. Or, maybe the handlebars are fine but your knees are up under your chin. Forward controls could move the brake and shifter forward from mid-engine to up by the frame down tubes enabling
you to stretch out on the road!
Another great way to fit you to the bike is trying a different
seat; there are seats for reduced reach, extended reach, touring seats, heated seats, solo seats, and even air seats!!!!!
Here at the shop, we have a demo bike that is set up with different handlebars, seats, which lets us custom tailor a bike to you. What a great thing!
And it gets better! HD has on the HD website a section
called “The Customizer”
where you can go and select your bike, and then accessories for it. It only lets you select parts that go on your bike! You can create the list, print it and bring it to the shop, or name it and save it; then we can download it here. It’s a great thing! Remember, HD allows you 60 days after you buy your new bike to purchase and install accessories and they will be covered under the 2 year factory warranty, you can’t beat that.
OK, so now we have looked at handlebars, seats, foot controls, there are more options for you. We can lower the suspension on most models so you are real sure footed. There are lowering kits for rear suspension, front forks, and they can be done together, or some like to start with the rear end and see if it is enough.
Now, we have your bike configured to you, it feels great and looks pretty good, but we can go a bit further with custom paint. You know nothing makes your bike stand out like custom
paint. How many times have you been to your favorite
bike night and that one bike is always around with that paint set that just blows you away, you always
check that bike out, don’t you!
Listen, the possibilities are just endless, all it takes is you, your bike, and a knowledgeable individual you can trust. Then it’s time to play and enjoy the transformation
of a bike to your bike!

Enjoy yourself, think safe, ride safe, and be safe.

Helmet Law

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Fourth of July weekend should be all about celebrating the freedom we Americans enjoy as a people. For me, that meant riding my motorcycle at a brisk pace through coastal Marin and Sonoma counties in Northern California, and then floating for many hours in the cool Russian River. For Philip Contos, a member of the Onondaga, NY ABATE chapter, that meant riding his Harley helmetless to an anti-helmet protest rally. What was probably a mellow group ride turned into a nightmare when Contos had to stop suddenly, apparently over-braking, fishtailing and then getting thrown over the handlebars. He suffered a fractured skull and was dead at the scene. The state patrol said he would have survived had he been wearing a helmet. That his death was sadly ironic is indisputable. That he was a warrior for bikers’ rights isn’t.
I am not writing this to advocate for helmet laws. I’m asking, rhetorically, why we even need them in the first place. I understand that Americans cherish their freedom and don’t like being told by government what to do, but there are lots of dangerous activities that aren’t outlawed in 20 states the way riding helmetless is. As far as I know, you can run with scissors, juggle scorpions, ride laps in your closed garage or barbeque indoors in California or New York. But why would you want to?
We all know, except for those with a high capacity for self-delusion, that helmets greatly reduce the incidence of head injury. We also know that most helmets are impacted on the chin bar or temple in crashes. We also know that the alleged disadvantages of helmet use—discomfort, reduced hearing and visibility and risk of neck injury are either nonexistent or exaggerated. And yet, riders in states without helmet laws use their helmets less than 50 percent of the time. Why? Nobody will say why they don’t want to wear a helmet, although my suspicion is that it has to do with the orthodoxy of the Harley-Davidson-oriented cruiser culture; my grandpa didn’t wear a helmet, my friends don’t wear helmets, so I don’t need one either. Sportbikers aren’t immune to the siren song of riding helmetless, but I think they just like to show off how fearless they are.
Why they prefer riding helmetless is seldom vocalized. Instead, the helmetless biker will quickly elevate the conversation to a philosophical (and interesting) one about the rights of man, the role of government, the fate of free men in a Nanny State. But I have yet to hear a cogent argument as to why it’s a good idea to ride bare-headed. Just making a short trip? Many crashes happen a short distance from home (when I found that out I moved, yet I keep crashing). Maybe you won’t be going that fast or you’re staying off the Interstate? That’s another absurdity—most crashes happen on city streets, at speeds under 30 mph. “I’ll just be taking it easy today.” Silliness. If we could pick what day we were going to crash, we’d just stay at home and ride on the day we know we’re not crashing on (if you’re scheduling a crash, mid-week is great, as the emergency rooms have shorter lines). Anti-helmet-law advocates rightly point out that helmets don’t prevent crashes. True enough, but they sure do lessen the consequences. Face it—you can’t tell anybody it’s logical to ride without a helmet (and other safety gear) every time you ride.
So I can say, confidently, that helmet laws don’t affect me. Why? Because no matter where I am, from Cozumel to Cuyahoga, I am going to be wearing a full-face lid. I could care less if I have the “right” to ride without. I could jab a golf tee into my eye as well, but I won’t be heading to an AGOTE (Association to jab GOlf Tees in my Eye) meeting anytime soon. I’ll be riding my motorcycle.
How do we keep “The Man” off our backs and get helmet laws repealed in 50 states? By getting helmet usage up to 80 percent or better so that the benefits of a law would disappear. If the general public—81 percent of whom think helmet use should be mandatory—saw us wearing helmets, they would leave us alone (so long as we also had acceptably quiet exhausts, but that’s a discussion for another day). Believe it.
So please just wear your freakin’ (and full-face) helmet. There are many more motorcycle-related issues, like insurance discrimination, lane-sharing and use of public land that could productively harness your energy.

Good Biker Stories

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by Allicat
I have wanted to ride my own Harley Davidson for 24 years. My husband had a few Harleys in his time. When I meet him he had a 1977 Low Rider®. I loved being on that bike. We married in 1980 and by 1984 he sold the bike. This was the bike that he rode back and forth from New Jersey to Florida a few times a year. One year he went from New Jersey to New Orleans then to Daytona Beach for Bike week. From 1978 to 2003 I had always wanted to ride my own bike. And I remember telling him I wanted to ride his bike on numerous occasions he would reply, “Not on my bike”.
In 2000 we bought a 1999 883C Sportster and again I was on the back. Even on the back I loved riding. We began going on different events with the Sportster, poker runs, Biff Burgers Bike night, and more and more women where riding their own bikes. After talking with different women and hearing how they took a riding class and now they ride, I wanted to do the same. My husband bought a 2003 Softail Deuce the hundred year anniversary model in February. He put the Sportster in the paper even though I told him I wanted to ride it. However I could not reach the ground sitting on the seat. I began pushing for different shocks, handle bars and a slimmer seat. As time passed we had only a few calls on the Sportster.
Finally in March I signed up for the class and had to wait until April. The riding class was Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. By Saturday night I rolled the Sportster out of the garage my husband and son were trying to talk me out of riding it around the block, of course they won. My husband surprised me by coming down to the class on Sunday with my bike. He changed the seat and put a lowering kit on her. She was perfect in every way. After the class on Sunday I was ready and no one was going to tell me different. I came home from class at 3:00 pm. and asked my husband if he wanted to go for a ride. His answer was no and that I should only go around the circle we live on. He went on to say that he could not ride that slow and did not intend on riding with me at all.
I did as he said at first, two times around the circle was enough, I told him I would be back later and off I went. Once I was down the street I headed for a close area by my home. I soon became bored and came back home. I asked Michael if he wanted to go with me again and he said no so I was off. This time I went visiting on the other side of town, the ride was so great. I was in love again that was the feeling I had and still do. After venturing out, I got home and again asked Michael if he wanted to go with me. This time he gave in and we rode together for the first time. I wanted him to lead and he said no you go first but as time went on he did take the lead.
The following weekend we took off from Pinellas Park to Old Town Florida on the bikes, a three hour ride. We had a great time going and coming. At first when reaching speeds of 70 mph I thought what did I got myself into. My helmet was bothering me and I was wearing and eating a lot of bugs. But on the way back I got a face shield and all was well. In closing I have been out and about by myself and love being in the wind and feeling free. I’m looking forward to more rides with my husband and my good friends.
by Chris S.
Well, we finally pulled back into our street at noon. High noon, and boy do I mean high. It was so hot that pulling my boots took several tries as my husband lowered the trailer ramp and untied Lil’ Boy Blue, our first bike, a Honda Rebel, in blue of course. Finally finished getting all the safety gear on and straddled him. Placed him in neutral and gently, with Ralph guiding and holding on to the rear for extra support, let him roll off the back of the U-haul. You could feel how anxious he was. How anxious I was. Then all of that melted away as I looked up and saw a Dragonfly hovering just inches from my helmet as if too say, “This is nothing. You can do this. Both of you can.”
So I pulled the clutch in, turned the fuel on, placed my hand over the front brake and pressed the button. *GROWL* He said as he came to life. So ready to be ridden. I gently let the clutch out and pulled on the throttle a little. He was out like a shot of lightening! I yanked the clutch in and let go of the throttle as if to say “Whoa, fella, not so fast just yet.” A few more stop starts in that jerky motion and slow, engine off, turn around and sailed smoothly home and into the drive. OMG my first right turn and I didn’t drop! I gently killed the engine and promised a longer ride in the evening as I walked him into his new home. Safe and secure in our humble lil’ garage.
He’s was finally home and I finally had my first ride. We both sighed happily. I stripped off my riding gear that was dripping with my sweat and went inside.


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Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, must be a duck, Oh wait! It’s NOT a duck…
Just another dumb chic making a duck face! You all know what I am talking about, don’t act like you don’t know; you’ve seen it! For whatever reason more and more women; all ages really; are pouting and puckering their lips in honor of our billed friend, Mr. Duck. I cannot help but wonder what the hell they are thinking! Do they not know what they look like to the rest of us? Did they think to look in the mirror? When the rest of the world is looking at a duck, how is it that they see something attractive?
Listen, it’s NOT attractive! It looks ridiculous! It’s almost as bad as over-injecting yourself with Restylane or any of the other myriad of facial fillers. Bigger is not always better, ladies! So take a deep breath and think! If you have self image problems maybe you should seek the counseling of a paid professional before you pucker and pout at our lenses. The camera certainly doesn’t like the look and neither do the rest of us! If you think it’s cute, rest assured it isn’t! Men do not see the pucker and pout and think you are sexy! They look at you and think to themselves, “Why does she keep doing that?” or “Ah, it’s so cute when she makes that silly face.” Neither of which mean; damn girl that duck face makes you look hot! It’s a duck face!! It is NOT hot! Please I am begging all of you; pucker and pout behind closed doors, we are sick of looking at your “Holy Duck Face!!”
Just in case any of you have been locked in a hole for the past few years let me allow to enlighten you. Google “duck face;” you will find the fol¬lowing:
1. Pushing your lips together in the combination of a pout and a puck¬er, giving the impression you have larger cheekbones and bigger lips.
2. Stupid facial expression put forth by stupid women that don’t know how to smile. The face of reference is made by moving both lips as far up and outward as possible. Commonly seen in photos of slutty women where the lighting is too high up and they’re taking photos of themselves in the mirror or with their phone reversed.
3. A facial expression utilized by attention-seeking girls where they push their lips outward to give the appearance of large pouty lips.
4. The face in which one puckers out their lips, giving them the appearance of a duck. Usually seen in Facebook or Myspace pictures taken by unattractive girls because they get the impression that it makes them look better.
And just in case you need it to be used in a sentence because you don’t get it; they have a few exam¬ples, here you go:
1. “Oh Lord, Look at that horrific duck face”
2. “Stop doing that duck face you look stupid”
3. “She put on a duck face the moment she pulled out her camera”
4. “Why does she make a duck face in everyone of her profile pictures?”
5. “What is she trying to accomplish with that duck face, she looks bad”


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Ok! How f#$%cked up is humanity when there are television shows like, “My Big Fat Redneck Wedding”, “Dog The Bounty Hunter” and “Jersey Shore” all making these idiots on them celebri-ties? I mean WTF!!!! We are somehow moving backwards in evolution. Not exactly sure how but, it’s happening! I was channel surfing and came across My Big Fat Redneck Wedding and was floored by the shit that people were doing to get on TV. It all started with Jerry Springer which I will admit was entertaining but, enough is enough. I’m probably shooting myself in the foot because I’m sure some people read my ar¬ticle just to see what I’m going to rant and rave about.
How did Dog Chapman aka The Bounty Hunter get on TV? He has the largest mullet I have ever seen!! Granted I’m a redneck myself but come on, they chase fugitives in para military outfits with these Hugh pepper spray guns and his wife is just white trash fabulous with her long ass nails and huge boobs sticking out! I’m sure they are really nice people but, is this who we want our kids picking as role models? Let’s see now!! How about Jersey Shore with the Guido crap show where we have this short fat drunk slut called Snooki making a complete ass of herself for our viewing entertainment. It’s not enter¬tainment it’s freaking disgrace! Then they have a guy who simply calls himself The Situation who walks around pulling his shirt up and he is on every talk show on air. People are seeing this show and thinking this is the way to act it’s just not. How did this happen? What the f#$%ck happened to the days of Leave It To Beaver and Happy Days? God I sound like my grandfather but shit it’s true!!
All that these stupid reality shows do, is dumb us down and help dumb-ass people find ways to be bigger dumb-assess! At some point we have to stop making all these idiots celebri¬ties and start making real people that accom¬plish something good our celebrities and kids role models!
Capt. Mike