“Road Less Traveled”


There are a myriad of motorcycle events across the country, rallies, rides, runs, you name it! No matter your skill level you are sure to find something within your comfort level in terms of distance. Any given weekend there are multiple reasons to get out and ride; 50 miles here, 90 miles there or 23 miles that way. Easy, simple, exactly the way most of us like it. Invariably within your comfort level and certainly within your weekends reach, those are the rides we all love. Then, there are the other types of rides. Like the ones that cross 48 states, thousands of miles and challenge the rider to the very core of their existence. There are not many people I know crazy enough to set off for a 7,000 mile endurance competition but, they do exist.

We first heard about Shaun VanBeber after he placed second in the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge this past year. It wasn’t until our paths crossed at Peterson’s Harley-Davidson that we realized that this man is on a mission. Here is his story……



A South Floridian, born in Miami, Shaun’s love affair with motorcycles began when he was a little boy. Over the past 35 years he has enjoyed riding both personally and professionally. Although his passion for riding was explosive, it was not his first love. Football was. VanBeber was a member of the Northeastern Oklahoma A & M Norseman Football Team as well as, the 1989 and 1991 National Champion Miami Hurricanes. His promising career ripped from his grasp after a severe knee injury crushed his dreams of playing professionally. Post trauma, his love of the game led him to the coaching arena for both high school and semi-professional capacities in Miami and Italy.

Shaun is not only an avid motorcycle enthusiast, but a trained police motorcycle instructor. As a Certified Police Officer, he has competed in police motorcycle skill competitions, always finishing top of his class. Currently, he spends his professional career promoting traffic and motorcycle safety through educational and law enforcement programs with the Florida Public Safety Institute and Florida Law Enforcement Liaison Program. He is working to expand motorcycle safety programs to the riding public in the state of Florida.

A competitor in every sense of the meaning, Shaun’s commitment, drive and dedication to the objective are admirable. Before embarking on the 14,000 mile cross-country motorcycle endurance ride Hoka Hey last year, he spent his time honoring his endurance riding skills logging more than 20,000 miles in various terrain and weather conditions. This year his goals are lofty as he is registered in not one but two endurance rides. First, the American Motorcycle Rally June 13-23rd that will start and end in Columbus, Ohio covering 7,000 miles of American landscape. Then he will make his was to the 3rd Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge August 5th in Las Vegas, NV traveling through some of the most scenic roads in the lower 48 Unites States less than 6,000 miles before ending in New York, NY.

VanBeber has an exceptional support team starting with Peterson’s Harley-Davidson of Miami and Master Harley Mechanic Mike Cloudas who has been exclusively servicing Shaun’s 2009 Harley-Davidson Police motorcycle for the past two years. Peterson’s has exceptional mechanics with extensive knowledge and experience. Mike was the chief mechanic for a motorcycle road course club racing team sponsored by Peterson’s Harley-Davidson.

Shaun is engaged to Angela Bauldree who has two beautiful young girls, Jessica and Kristen. His mother, Justine Davis taught him how to ride his first motorcycle. His Mom, Step-Father Tom Davis and close friends are all very supportive of his endeavors.

Shaun publishes a monthly newsletter called


“Road Less Traveled” so that you can track his training and progress. He is currently seeking sponsorship funds to cover the $10,000 in expenses. That include $5,000 Fuel, $2,000 Entry Fees, $1,000 Freight, $500 Lodging & $1,000 Food. Shaun VanBeber, sflelvanbeber@gmail. com, 954-826-2359

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