Shows off The Most Innovative New Promotional Product of the Year at the Bikes & Beauties Magazine Anniversary Party Bash


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Email: Shows off The Most Innovative New Promotional Product of the Year at the Bikes & Beauties Magazine Anniversary Party Bash

Miami, Florida February 23, 2012 A stones throw of the Everglades on a balmy tropical night, Bikes & Beauties Magazine  is calling the AdLamp the most remarkable Promotional Product of the Year and its overwhelming success at their Anniversary Party Extravaganza at Cafe 27 Tiki Bar & Truck Stop was proof of the pudding for Florida’s Largest Motorcycle Lifestyle and Entertainment Magazine.

 The AdLamp ( a four-sided, internally illuminated, portable lamp device that back lights the ads/photos by battery power LED light) wowed the promoters, sponsors and customers involved with event using combination of dazzling marketing power and cuddly cuteness . Tying together the Host’s  intended  message like a chain does the engine to a sprocket, the AdLamp twinkled in similarity to the Orion Galaxy to deliver eye-popping back lit advertising and restaurant specials to produce a record number in sales for a night.

Says, Editor in Chief Christy Vittitow of Bikes & Beauties Magazine “the message we intended to achieve came across loud and clear not only to the fans of the magazine but to our sponsors and future advertisers we were trying to impress, this is truly the most clever portable promotional device I have ever seen”.

The customers touched them and the beautiful bikini models of  Bikes & Beauties Magazine took them home with their sizzling photos in brilliant color glowing to perfect backlight.

Sponsors Twisted Tea, Peterson’s Harley Davidson  and Poco Loco to name a few, where not only in awe of the magnitude and size of the crowd the magazine brought in on a Thursday Night but, the way the AdLamps drew the attention of the party goers like a Bulldog Puppy would. Bottom line for the event was not only an entertainment bizarre of dancing, music, and excess of fun but, it also proved to be a marketing bonanza for the owners of and the promoters and sponsors alike. Bikes & Beauties Magazine is calling the adlamp the most innovative  promotional device since the smart phone. The very inexpensive price of the AdLamp basically makes them a disposable product. We actually let the admirers take them home for souvenirs. They will definably be a centerpiece at all of our future events.

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Full Description

We exclusively produce a new product call the “Ad Lamp” (patent pending). It is a four-sided, internally illuminated, portable lamp device that back lights the ads/photos by battery power LED light, generating no discernible heat output. The image size is 4×6 on all four sides, which is the same size as a standard table tent in most restaurants. The photos are easy to change by removing the snap-on top and sliding the images in between the acrylic sheets. All four sides are made of lightweight plastic which snap together to form the frame (a total of just 6 pieces including the light). The Ad Lamp is a great way to show your personal photos at home or at special events such as wedding and birthday parties. All eyes are drawn to the Ad Lamp when entering a room. Battery power is provided by three AAA batteries and will give an average of 100 hours of illumination.

 Full Description

Florida’s premier motorcycle lifestyle publication all the hottest of events and beautiful women from Miami to Orlando and Daytona

For generations motorcyclists have been riding in the name of charity, brotherhood, celebration and fellowship.  With every successful run, we do our best to reach for greatness and succeed in erasing the stigma created decades ago.  All motorcycle enthusiasts share an undying love  of the great open road with its refreshing views and dynamic vistas.  We believe in maintaining a sense of community, we support each other and rally together in the name of charity.

Bikes & beauties magazine is committed to promoting the motorcycle way of life. We recognize the vast occupational diversities the lifestyle includes and are committed to providing coverage of the lifestyle of biking.  Bikes & beauties magazine believes that no matter the man, the club or the group of riders, we all share one common denominator, the eternal love of that magnificent roaring thunder with two wheels on the road.

Bikes & beauties magazine strives to portray the beauty that is the motorcycle enthusiast, the weekend warrior, the 1%er and the great American biker lifestyle.  We believe in the importance of maintaining a sense of community through being a group sharing common interests.  Bikes & beauties magazine showcases Florida’s finest females, fiercest rides, friendly environments and all around good times.  We support our community and believe now is the time to come together, to start fresh, create something new, provide hope or ease a burden. No matter the reason bikes & beauties magazine believes that together anything is possible.

Contact Information

201 N 46 Ave

Hollywood  Fl 33021

Ph: 954-851-6015

Fx: 954-212-2609


Bikes & Beauties Magazine

1940 Harrison St Suite 303-304

Hollywood Fl 33020

Ph: 954-789-6986



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