OK I know, I wrote about “Customizing” last month, but the H.B.I.C said she wanted to continue that theme, and you know the old saying, what the H.B.I.C wants, she gets (besides, she signs my checks every month).
So last month we looked at a stock bike that we built for a really big guy, he is 300 lbs. and about 6’ 2”. He needs lots of stretching space, and this gentleman loves power! So that was the brief, fast and big enough to stretch out on.
At the opposite end of the spectrum, we had a customer
who required the exact opposite. He owns a CVO Road Glide and he (like me) is built low to the ground. Initially we lowered the bike front and rear, but the gentleman was still on the balls of his feet which can be a problem, and he was leaving on a long trip to the northeast. So we tailored the bike to his needs by installing a “drop seat” kit that brought the seat height down another
3”. Now he is flat footed on the ground and has renewed his love affair with the bike!
So, where do we start for you? Let’s get you up on the bike and see how you fit. How are the handlebars? Are you sitting upright? Do you have a slight bend in your elbows? If you answered no to any of these questions, we may be on our way to different handlebars in order to get you in a comfortable position. Or, maybe the handlebars are fine but your knees are up under your chin. Forward controls could move the brake and shifter forward from mid-engine to up by the frame down tubes enabling
you to stretch out on the road!
Another great way to fit you to the bike is trying a different
seat; there are seats for reduced reach, extended reach, touring seats, heated seats, solo seats, and even air seats!!!!!
Here at the shop, we have a demo bike that is set up with different handlebars, seats, which lets us custom tailor a bike to you. What a great thing!
And it gets better! HD has on the HD website a section
called “The Customizer”
where you can go and select your bike, and then accessories for it. It only lets you select parts that go on your bike! You can create the list, print it and bring it to the shop, or name it and save it; then we can download it here. It’s a great thing! Remember, HD allows you 60 days after you buy your new bike to purchase and install accessories and they will be covered under the 2 year factory warranty, you can’t beat that.
OK, so now we have looked at handlebars, seats, foot controls, there are more options for you. We can lower the suspension on most models so you are real sure footed. There are lowering kits for rear suspension, front forks, and they can be done together, or some like to start with the rear end and see if it is enough.
Now, we have your bike configured to you, it feels great and looks pretty good, but we can go a bit further with custom paint. You know nothing makes your bike stand out like custom
paint. How many times have you been to your favorite
bike night and that one bike is always around with that paint set that just blows you away, you always
check that bike out, don’t you!
Listen, the possibilities are just endless, all it takes is you, your bike, and a knowledgeable individual you can trust. Then it’s time to play and enjoy the transformation
of a bike to your bike!

Enjoy yourself, think safe, ride safe, and be safe.

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